lose back fat and love handles

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How To Lose A Fat Stomach - This article is intended to serve you on your journey to obtain more knowledge regarding this topic.
Have you attempted without fail to lose that belly fat and spare tire with more and more crunches and other stomach exercises? Do you lose them by entirely cutting out fat from your diet? Guess what! It won't make it work.

Spare tires and belly fat is a well known concern amongst men & women, especially if you would like to see your six pack abs if your a man or just reduce your chances of heart disease. Regretfully, as we age our body's metabolism starts to slow down and we end up storing excessive fat around the waist. Combine that with the fact that we get more sedentary the older we get, it would seem like a surefire way to gain love handles, stomach fat, a pot belly, and even a spare tire. I think you get the picture about how we get spare tires and increased stomach fat, but how do we minimize it?

Regretfully spot reduction training does not work, i.e. you cannot aim for a particular area in your body, like your spare tire, for fat loss. Fat stored on your body, no matter where it is, belongs to the whole body and can only be reduced by an overall body exercise regime.

Obviously, there are no fast ways to reduce excessive fat around your stomach - not even all the crunches and sit-ups will achieve this. Abdominal exercises will only strengthen the area, but will not magically reduce the fat around your waist.

Popular ways to lose belly fat and spare tires include:

1)Reduce sodium intake- it aids water retention in the body
2)Drink plenty of ice-cold water - it helps to metabolize stored fat
3)Reduce alcohol intake - it contains a large of 'empty calories'
4)Eat healthy - lots of fresh, green vegetables and fruit (uncooked is best)
5)Exercise regularly - why park close by when you can walk?

Having great information and spending time, having a will to succeed you can lose weight. Positive thought goes a long way towards success.

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